54% MORE Durability

The Neway ADZ Series Suspension's advanced engineering is designed to improve durability and performance in the toughest conditions and challenges. A cast steel V-Rod design and patented Integral Lower Module, are just a few elements that give the Neway ADZ Series a competitive edge in durability and reliability.

250 lbs Lighter

The Neway ADZ Series streamlined design doesn't just increase durability, it does so while shedding an incredible 250 lbs per axle. The significant weight savings provides an opportunity to increase payload and improve operating efficiency — haul more with ADZ.

27% More Stability

The design of the Neway ADZ Series increases roll stability by 27% compared to the proven AD series, while providing superior handling. With advanced Integral Lower Module design with solid transverse beam connections the Neway ADZ is the best choice for high CG applications.